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Five ways to rock working ‘free-range’

As covid continues to drag on, more organisations are looking at the 'free-range' way of working - but there's definitely an art to working away from the office. Tune in to these pointers on how to be productive and healthy- wherever you're working from.

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When ‘collaboration overload’ strikes, and how to combat it

Virtual collaboration platforms are a hero for most as we’ve sought to rapidly adapt and maintain a sense of togetherness in an upturned social and working world. But what happens when day after day of screen time alone feels like too much? We identify four focus areas, with actions you can take now to optimise your virtual collaboration for all it’s worth.

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Adapting in the post-pandemic business world involves at least 3 key areas

Global market research and analytics firm, Forrester, reports on how businesses can make the wisest of decisions, with recent insights covering advice on enhancing remote working, security and quality customer experience related to global Covid-19 disruptions. Here’s a roundup of their suggestions, followed by top tips from Umbrellar’s Head of Cloud on thriving in the emerging business landscape.

Cat Mules

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