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The NZ company propelling the robotics industry worldwide

In ten years’ time, the world will look radically different as the use of automated robots picks up, predicts Aucklander David Inggs, CEO and co-founder of Rocos, a cloud operations platform that allows people to control autonomous fleets of robots from anywhere in the world.

Vomle Springford

Should you automate your dev cycle? We hear from a digital experience engineer

How can we move faster, save money, take away the pain of timely legacy IT? ClearPoint was helped some leading kiwi companies Fonterra and the Warehouse up the ante on process. Hamish Webber sits down with Rob Cleghorn, ClearPoint's head engineer, to talk about the continuous automation, engingeering, and culture journey that is DevOps. Get insight into what it means, and why it's best to start with the low hanging fruits first.

Hamish Webber

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