An artificial intelligence consultancy focusing on conversational AI. We utilise the power of conversational AI to drive meaningful change within organisations. We stride ourselves in leading the way in conversational AI by helping organisations minimise the time wasted by employees in mundane & repetitive task and allowing them to focus on the more important things like developing meaningful relationships with the customer.

A great example of this is our smart search product which flips the 80/20 switch on searching vs doing, to 20% time searching and 80% time actually executing.

Packages available for Conversational AI

  • Chatbots: Chatbot for all platforms
  • Voice Bots: Alexa, google home, apple home pod, on-phone (VIR) bots – Audio Only
  • Digital Humans (Partner with Uneeq): Helping create more meaningful interactions with customers through emotions and human-like interactions.
  • Upskilling/In-house skill retention: We provide consultancy services to help up-skill your employees & management to understand, measure KPI’s, design, development & maintain these conversational agents so you can retain the skillsets and know-how internally.
  • Smart Search: A smarter search which allows you to find what you’re looking for in a matter of seconds, long gone have the days of searching/reading through large SharePoint/zendesk documents to find the answer you’re looking for, with Smart Search type in natural language what you’re looking to find a synopsis of the answer within seconds (inquire for more info)
  • Auditing Conversational AI: Check the validate the health of your conversational agent, get a full spectral analysis on the health & well being of your conversational agent from conversational design, analytics to code structures
  • BodyShopping Tech roles: We Bodyshop and help place contracts for any tech roles within Australia/New Zealand



Application Modernisation
Data, AI, BI & ML

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