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In 2010 we recognised the need in the market for an independent, solution-agnostic integration practice.
So we formed Adaptiv.

We’re a New Zealand owned and operated consulting partner invested in helping you to leverage and extend the value of your existing business applications, not selling you new ones.

When you work with us, you get results faster and for less. Because we specialise in nothing but system, data and application integration for enterprise clients, it means that in many cases we can deliver your projects twice as fast and for half the cost of internal development teams.

We come from a place of strength. We were originally the development arm of our parent company, ICM Asia-Pacific. ICM is a specialist agency which develops large scale SaaS trade processing platforms for the global financial markets. So we have a wealth of development and integration experience in moving clients from around the world onto private cloud-based SaaS platforms.




adaptiv.assess is a maturity workshop which takes you through an in-depth evaluation of your technology environment. The primary objective of adaptiv.assess is to assess whether you're ready for an integration platform refresh to support your digital transformation initiatives. Held over several weeks, the purpose of this 3-5 day maturity workshop is to establish the value and limitations of your current approach, facilitate discussions around definition roles and responsibilities, process and future technology roadmaps.



With integration comes power. The ability to seamlessly access and utilise real-time data, and automate processes between disparate, bespoke or customised legacy solutions can give you a significant competitive edge and extend the lifetime value of your applications. So, where do you start? This is a 3-hour strategic alignment meeting with organisational C-level stakeholders to introduce Adaptiv Integration solutions, services and capabilities. At the end of this technology and partner briefing, you will have an overview of how the integration process will support your businesses strategy, an understanding of the business benefits, and the required skills, experience and capabilities of a trusted partner.



You've done the research, validated your choice of technologies, and understand the where-to-from here process to realise a successful implementation. Now all you need is the evidence that the project vision will meet your business needs. In other words, will this integration do what we want it to do, and what's going to be involved? This 2 to 3 day workshop is designed to prove that the selected technologies and approach will deliver the concrete outcomes required by the business. By the end of this workshop, you will have confidence that the integration project will not only work effectively but deliver the business value expected.


Application Modernisation
Business process/Robotic Automation & Power Automate
Infrastructure modernisation
Microsoft Gold

Level 3B
22 Pollen Street
Grey Lynn
New Zealand

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