Free Webinars on Microsoft Defender for Business

Michelle Stanton

Microsoft is offering free webinars to help CSPs protect the interests of their customers with Microsoft Defender for Business. Let's uncover why you should take advantage of this opportunity.

In the past year, there’s been a dramatic increase in ransomware attacks – Microsoft estimates around 300% – and more than half targeted at small businesses. As these kinds of cyberthreats increase in volume and sophistication, SMBs need increased protection beyond traditional antivirus solutions.

Microsoft Defender for Business helps elevate SMB security by bringing enterprise-grade technologies such as next-generation protection, endpoint detection and response, and threat and vulnerability management.

Specifically designed for businesses with less than 300 employees, Microsoft Defender for Business enables CSPs like you to offer enterprise-grade protection in a cost-effective and easy-to-use package.

Here’s three great reasons why you should sign up for the free Microsoft Defender for Business and Microsoft 365 Business Premium webinar series:

  • Practical guidance about how to have conversations with your customers about security
  • Demos and deep dive walkthroughs for Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and Defender for Business
  • A panel of experts to answer your questions.

These are no-cost, virtual live events, and while they’re not at an ideal time for New Zealand (unless you’re an early riser!), if you register for the webinar, you’ll gain access to the recorded version once it’s over.

Event schedule for Microsoft Defender for Business

Sure, it’s early … but it’s free! And usually, recordings are sent to registered participants after the live event.

Elevate the security of your SMB customers

To get started, Microsoft has a 1 hr watch-on-demand primer “Elevate your Customers’ Security with Microsoft Defender for Business“.

This session covers how Microsoft Defender for Business elevates your customers’ security with behaviour-based next-gen protection, endpoint detection and response, and threat and vulnerability management.


Drive the conversation

Sales Training: Driving a Customer Conversation on Security – Upselling to Microsoft 365 Business Premium – Friday, January 28 2022, 5 am

The next in the series, scheduled for the end of January, is designed to help you as a CSP develop a good conversation with your customers on security.

Recognising the solutions Business Premium and Microsoft Defender for Business provides for SMBs affords you the ability to listen, learn and engage effectively with your customers. Bring your questions to this webinar for the experts to provide answers.


Day in the Life of a CSP

Technical Training: Securing and Managing Customers at Scale with Microsoft 365 Lighthouse – Day in the Life of an MSP – Friday, Feb 4, 2022, 5 am

Want to get into the technical side? This session explores Lighthouse features that help CSPs like you secure and manage Microsoft 365 Business Premium and Microsoft Defender for Business customers at scale.

Microsoft experts will demonstrate:

  • the methodology of monitoring your customer tenants
  • responding to alerts and incidents
  • the best action to take based on the on-screen feedback.


Get technical with Microsoft Defender

Technical Training: A Deeper Look at Microsoft Defender for Business – Friday, Feb 18, 2022, 5 am

Want to go even further down the technical rabbit hole? The final webinar in the series will zoom in on capabilities that make Microsoft Defender for Business the best choice for comprehensive endpoint protection for SMBs.

Microsoft experts will run you through enrolling Windows and mobile devices, configuring protection policies, monitoring and reporting, and more. More importantly, when customers shrug and ask “What’s the difference?”, you’ll be well equipped to demonstrate how Defender for Business differentiates from traditional antivirus solutions.

If you’re looking for ways to help your customers protect their business interests in 2022 and beyond, this free webinar series is a great starting place.

Find out more here


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Michelle Stanton

Michelle Stanton is Umbrellar's Marketing and Partnerships Specialist. As a former librarian, Michelle is passionate about people, processes and technology. She loves sharing stories of tech companies working in partnership to make our lives infinitely better.

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