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The Microsoft CSP Programme

Our partnership with Microsoft empowers our Partners. The Microsoft CSP platform gives you and your clients the tools you need to do better business. Our goal is to help you and your business achieve brilliant things through cloud services. We’ll help you leverage the entire Azure ecosystem to speed up your customers’ cloud initiatives.

Resell Microsoft Cloud Services using the CSP platform to directly manage your customers. Run everything from billing to monthly support.

Easily package Microsoft tools, products, and services. Combine them into one monthly, or annual bill.

Manage your cloud service licenses with ease through the Microsoft CSP platform. Add, remove, and provision licenses at any time within seconds. Microsoft then bills partners monthly for online services subscriptions and licenses.

Remove any hassle caused by dealing with multiple products. Manage your entire product catalogue from one place.

Microsoft Partner Center and Partner Admin Center makes it easier for you to help your customers. Manage and support their subscriptions with easy to use tools.

Maximise profit by creating recurring revenue. Put together a package of cloud solutions that will serve your customer’s needs best.

One simple integrated dashboard makes it easy to manage all of your customers.

Develop end-to-end automation by connecting your different business systems with APIs.

Microsoft online services available through the CSP program include:

Office 365

A line of subscription services offered by Microsoft, as part of the Microsoft Office product line. OneDrive, Office, SharePoint etc.

Windows Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

Windows Enterprise Mobility + Security Suite

A centrally managed suite designed to allow employees to remain flexible and productive while ensuring that corporate data is secure. It lets you access all your devices, datacenter, and the cloud through one centrally managed single login. Get identity driven security and comprehensive, intelligent protection against today's advanced attacks. Securely manage apps and data on iOS, Android, and Windows from one place. Intelligently safeguard your corporate data and enable secured collaboration. Efficiently deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps on all devices.



Microsoft Azure is one of the world's leading hyperscale cloud platforms, with a vast array of tools to drive digital transformation in your infrastructure, applications and data platforms. Access all its power in collaboration with our 90-strong team and our multi-cloud portal, and with 24/7/365 support available.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

The next generation of business applications. Unleash your digital organisation potential by breaking down data silos to connect customers, products, people, and operations. A cloud-based ERP and CRM enterprise system, built by Microsoft for maximum flexibility and extensibility.

Our Resellers are our Partners

As an Umbrellar Reseller, you are our Partner. We do not compete with our Partners in the I.T. business. Instead, we support and help you so you can achieve brilliant things with the Microsoft Cloud.

The more our Partners are empowered, the more value they can add to their customers.

Microsoft Through and Through

We are New Zealand’s leading Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Everything we do is in partnership with our ecosystem of service providers.

Unlock Commercial Value

Leveraging our extensive ecosystem creates outstanding lead-generation opportunities for our resellers.

Co-selling Support

We support our Resellers in the initial phase of winning new business by offering pre-sales and technical support and after-sales support to ensure a smooth delivery.

Opportunities for Collaboration

Our ecosystem connects you with other companies with complementary skillsets, opening new avenues for collaboration.

With our help, our Partners can move up the value chain, become more involved in their existing customers’ businesses, reduce churn, find new customers, and deliver managed and bundled services to create long-term recurring income.

New Zealand’s only Azure Stack for Resellers

And as the only Cloud Service Provider in New Zealand to offer Azure Stack to the channel, Umbrellar enables Partners to provide best-in-market cloud solutions while keeping data in the NZ cloud: improving both speed and data sovereignty.

Learn more about the benefits of the Umbrellar Reseller Programme with our free eBook.

Umbrellar and Microsoft are positioned to help you and your clients

Businesses are demanding more and more of their IT solutions to be deployed in the cloud. Industry analysts agree this trend will continue and even accelerate. Microsoft is the world’s leading hyperscale cloud provider, so this is an incredible opportunity for Microsoft partners to build brilliant businesses on top of Microsoft Cloud Solutions. Umbrellar can help take you there. Whether you’re already a Microsoft Partner or not, you can benefit from an Umbrellar partnership.

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