What is cloud computing?

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Cloud Computing has been an ever-present buzzword for about the last decade, and the growth of hyper-scale cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Microsoft Azure have revolutionised Public Cloud standards. In fact, a new IBM study of more than 3,000 global CIOs shows that 60 percent of organisations see embracing cloud computing as a major component of growing their businesses as well as achieving and maintaining competitive advantage.

But there are challenges when it comes to choosing the best Cloud Strategy to fit your IT requirements. Umbrellar, as a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) partner, transact Microsoft cloud services (i.e., Azure, Azure Stack, and O365) through a single Umbrellar platform.

Working with a CSP partner such as Umbrellar, rather than directly with Microsoft, allows you to create your critical IT business relationships face to face, with a team right here in NZ. As well as consolidated billing, and the ability to self-serve and directly manage subscriptions, you have a dedicated NZ team as your first point of call for customer support or account management. It’s also easy to access our Pro Services for solution design, architecture, migration and post implementation managed service and support.

At Umbrellar, we have a vision to break down the gaps between Cloud Providers and Cloud Consumers.


As your cloud usage grows across various projects and teams, it can be challenging to gain visibility and understand the costs for existing projects, optimize those investments, and project future expenses. Leveraging the tools within the Umbrellar portal, you can see what you are spending and where, and the Umbrellar team can provide you with insights on how much resource you need in terms of current and future Cloud spend forecasting.


Even with all the resources and documentation to guide you through provisioning and architecting your Cloud resources, security standards are constantly evolving and it’s difficult to know if your solution has meet all the necessary requirements. Do you have the right tools to oversee all the insights of your application, and identify potential risks or suspicious activity? Will your platform pass a PCI compliance audit? Our in-house consultants work closely with third-party security specialists to secure your business.

In-house skills

The cost of a full-time cloud engineer or DevOps specialist are high, and something that the SMEs making up about 97% of NZ businesses simply can’t sustain. However, just because your business is still growing doesn’t mean you can’t afford to invest in your IT and infrastructure. Engaging a Cloud partner can provide you with the support you need, whilst keeping costs down. Even if your business is larger, consuming SaaS products, or implementing an outsourced managed services model can allow you to focus where it counts: on your business and not your infrastructure.

Locally supported

As a customer, the ability to work directly with your partner to design and implement a solution that meets your unique requirements and have someone on the phone 24/7 locally to support the solution you developed together, can drastically decrease ‘infrastructure anxiety’. If disaster strikes, you know a dedicated local team is on it. when disaster happens.

Hybrid / Multi-Cloud Strategy

A complex cloud solution can mean many partners and relationships. At Umbrellar, we are all about consistency, and consistency solves complexity. Umbrellar’s self-service multi-cloud approach is designed to enable true Digital Transformation. Through local and global infrastructure, platforms, APIs, people and partners, it’s everything you need to thrive in a world of modern cloud computing. And it will keep your finance department happy, with a single bill!

End-to-end migration assistance

You may feel like your business is being held back from a move to the cloud by a large number of outdated or end-of-life systems are still holding missions critical data or applications. Where migrating these legacy systems to the cloud could be tricky, you need a proper assessment and analysis to minimise the risk of unhappy end users. Our flexible and powerful migration toolkit enables application migration from anywhere to our Azure Stack and Azure platforms. Inbuilt migration testing ensures expected results and warm migration means no long outages and all dependencies are identified. With advanced monitoring and analytics, it’s possible to manage both performance and utilization as we execute the migration of workloads.

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