Simplifying Cloud Management for Azure

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Building a cloud practice with Microsoft Azure presents many possibilities for innovation, flexibility, and enhancements for workloads and processes. But managing cloud environments can be challenging. If you're a Managed Service Provider, you'll want to read this.

The main issue for MSPs struggling to manage cloud environments centres around the fact the tools for overseeing Azure environments are more commonly designed for enterprises catering to one set of employees. MSPs support multiple companies at once, each with its own unique workforce. This adds complexity to even the simplest of management tasks, as MSPs need to work across disjointed tools and environments.

MSPs can streamline cloud management to achieve efficiency and control by using tools and solutions designed for MSPs, such as Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure. This comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution allows MSPs to monitor on-premises and cloud workloads together, use familiar toolsets, and access technical support 24/7.

Managing cloud resources through a single “pane of glass”

One of the biggest challenges associated with establishing and scaling a cloud practice is efficiently managing multiple systems, tools, workloads, and processes across cloud and on-premises environments.

Utilising tools that provide a centralised management plan for on-premises and cloud workloads allows MSPs to simplify the way they monitor and maintain IT environments across multiple locations.

With the ability to monitor different applications in one view, MSPs can more easily protect client workloads with just a few clicks. This also makes it easier to efficiently manage client data retention, licenses, and costs.

Use familiar MSP toolsets

The tools available natively from a public cloud provider (i.e. Azure) are useful but aren’t always built with MSP users in mind. Additionally, taking on any new technology comes with a learning curve.

By using a solution like Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure that is specially designed for MSP users and built based on their SIRIS offering, businesses typically shorten the learning curve of adopting new technologies while accelerating time-to-value. Use cases include:

  • Streamlined restore: Data and file recovery process managed through a single, intuitive interface
  • Rapid file restore: Hourly replication to restore and virtualise files in the cloud within seconds.

Around the clock technical support

While there are many tools and solutions to help MSPs manage their Azure cloud environment(s), sometimes the most efficient way to get help is to reach out to a support agent. Cloud providers tend to charge a premium for it, but taking advantage of 24/7 technical support services allows MSPs to lean on experts anytime they run into an issue.

Some of the reasons MSPs should leverage 24/7 support include:

  • Reducing confusion for first-time adopters
  • Shortening time to market and learning curve
  • Providing an extra level of confidence when deploying new technology.

Achieve management efficiency in the cloud

Staying agile while maintaining tight control over internal and customer IT environments is key to operating an effective MSP cloud practice. Having streamlined management processes is critical for achieving this.

Using a solution designed for MSPs, organisations can streamline and simplify the process of managing cloud workloads and infrastructure across multiple environments. By making it easier to monitor workloads across different locations, using tools that MSPs are familiar with, and leveraging 24/7 technical support services to save time and reduce confusion, MSPs can position themselves to effectively manage their cloud practice and deliver value for their customers.

Umbrellar might be NZ’s leading cloud service provider but we understand partnerships with global partners such as Datto are the way to go for delivering you the tech you’ll need for tomorrow’s world. If you’d like to know more about the cloud and how you can get on top of it, talk to us. 

To read more about security and data protection in Azure, visit Datto resources and download The MSP’s Guide to Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery on Azure

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At Datto, we create the roadmap for Managed Service Providers. We constantly innovate and experiment to empower our partners and drive the industry forward. Datto’s proven Unified Continuity, Networking, and Business Management solutions drive cyber resilience, efficiency, and growth for MSPs. Delivered via an integrated platform, Datto’s solutions help its global ecosystem of channel partners serve over one million businesses around the world. We’re open and down-to-earth by nature and we always advocate for MSPs.

Cloud Governance

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The cloud creates new paradigms for the technologies that support the business. These new paradigms also change how those technologies are adopted, managed, and governed. When entire datacenters can be virtually torn down and rebuilt with one line of code executed by an unattended process, we have to rethink traditional approaches. This is especially true for governance. Cloud governance is an iterative process. For organizations with existing policies that govern on-premises IT environments, cloud governance should complement those policies. The level of corporate policy integration between on-premises and the cloud varies depending on cloud governance maturity and a digital estate in the cloud. As the cloud estate changes over time, so do cloud governance processes and policies.

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