Is your team ready to respond to a phishing attack?

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The days of relying on your dog's name, "1234" or the trusty "password" to access your account are long gone, say hacking officials and experts - but what are the best ways to prepare your team for security threats?

Last week’s breach of high-profile Twitter accounts shows that even global leaders are under pressure to ramp up their security efforts. It seems it was Twitter employees that fell victims to sophisticated phishing schemes.

Team preparedness may be the answer.

Phishing scams might make up 95% of cyber attacks, with employees the first line of defense.

New Zealand security specialists are heading up creative ways to counter cyber attacks. The IT Team says business leaders should ask themselves, “do you know how they would perform if someone sent them a malicious email?” and “Would they be able to spot a hoax?”

The IT Team provide simulated real-life phishing scenarios to test business readiness.

This interactive service allows them to essentially “launch a custom phishing ‘campaign’ and monitor your team’s behaviour – tracking email opens, link clicks, submitted credentials, and more”.

Creating this benchmark of a team’s security profile, the IT Team can interpret its data, and provide team-based training to raise awareness and the skills needed to ward off cyber crime.

In New Zealand and beyond, this kind of assurance and innovation is becoming ever-more vital to business security.

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Cat Mules

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