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**URGENT UPDATE** Due to high demand leading up to the March 1, 2022 Modern Work pricing change, Microsoft has created a transitional grace period.

All CSP new commerce transactions for the six commercial Modern Work SKUs listed below that are submitted into the system no later than March 14, 2022, 5 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), or 12 a.m. UTC on March 15, 2022, will be invoiced at the February 2022 pricing.

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Office 365 E1
  • Office 365 E3
  • Office 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 E3

All CSP new commerce transactions for these six Modern Work SKUs submitted after March 14, 2022, 5 p.m., Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), or 12 a.m. UTC on March 15, 2022, will be invoiced at the increased March price list pricing.

The grace period provides partners with extra lead time for adapting business processes and placing orders for these six Modern Work products.  If you want to avoid the Microsoft 365 price increase, you have two options:

  1. Cancel and renew subscriptions on legacy CSP to avoid price increase and push out the NCE decision dates
  2. Cancel and renew subscriptions on NCE to lock in price and obtain potential NCE promo pricing (if you pass this on)


Monthly term promotional pricing will be in effect through to June 20, 2022. Annual term promotional pricing will be in effect through to March 31, 2022 – however, Microsoft reserves the right to extend annual term promotional pricing up to, and including, June 2022.

Offer details

*Discount is calculated as (promo price – list price)/list price. Promotions don’t apply to nonprofit, academic and government prices available in CSP. Monthly offers have a 20% premium over the equivalent annual offer.


  • Both promos are eligible for subscriptions up to 2,400 seats (per license type)
  • Excludes Windows 365
  • Promotion applies to Commercial SKUs only
  • New Commerce Promotions support only new subscriptions and renewal event


Why Partners should take advantage of the promotion

To kick-start the general availability of Microsoft new commerce experience for Per-User Subscriptions, Microsoft and Umbrellar are supporting partners to help make the move to NCE more profitable.

Price Locking: Partners purchasing eligible NCE Annual subscriptions from January 10 to March 31 2022 will receive an incremental 5% off list price, which will remain the price for the remainder of the subscription term as well as incremental seats added despite price increases (March 1st for select M365 products) and promotion expiration (seats added after March 31, 2022).

Added Savings: Partners are able to provide more value to their customers in terms of cost saved.

Incremental FY22 Incentives: With NCE subscriptions, partners can earn an incremental +1% in Core Modern Work incentives and =0.25% in Core Business Applications incentives.

Secured FY23 Incentives: On October 1, 2022, Microsoft will adjust their FY22 incentives program for indirect resellers to only accrue based on NCE subscriptions. This would mean the subscriptions you transition during the promotion would apply towards your FY23 incentives.

Have more questions around NCE?

Read our previous post Microsoft’s new commerce experience in simple terms or register for our upcoming Webinar where we will review Microsoft CSP changes and what that will mean for MyCSP partners and customers. You’ll get the chance to pose any questions to our Cloud Specialists or get in touch with our dedicated Microsoft specialists for one-on-one attention.

Umbrellar believes every business deserves the cloud, done right – and with our Advanced Specialisation qualifications, you can be assured we know what we’re talking about. Contact one of our cloud specialists to get yourself the tech you’ll need for tomorrows’ world.




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