What is a Microsoft partner?

Cat Mules

Cat Mules

Partnership in the Microsoft Cloud - how can I do it?

A Microsoft partner is a business that provides professional services and/or support using or reselling Microsoft products and is part of the official Microsoft Partner Network.

The partner network is designed to make resources available to a wide variety of technology companies so they can build a business around Microsoft products and leadership.

When part of the Microsoft ecosystem, Partners have access to resources, programs, tools, and connections, and are drawing on expertise and technology from the world’s largest software and programming company. Microsoft is known as the global leader in technical relevance and business use case applicability, as verified in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services.

As a Microsoft partner,  you can get started as an indirect CSP reseller of Microsoft products by signing up to the Cloud Solutions Provider Programme which allows partners to own the end-to-end customer relationship and go beyond reselling licenses and cloud to being more involved in your customer’s business.

What is a Microsoft CSP Reseller?

The fast pace of change and growing demand for cloud-based solutions and services provides a multitude of opportunities for Microsoft partners of all types and sizes to build profitable cloud solution businesses. Partners ready to enter the market, but who don’t want to have to manage multiple vendors, or who may not have an end-to-end customer relationship management infrastructure in place, can enrol in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider programme as indirect resellers.

Indirect CSP resellers work with indirect providers (also known as distributors). They have a direct relationship with Microsoft and can provide businesses with customer support and billing.

Working with indirect providers means you can work with an experienced technology provider to help ensure your success.

What are the benefits?

Businesses experience a multitude of benefits with being on the Microsoft Cloud and part of Umbrellar’s CSP Reseller Programme. The programme is designed to empower businesses and their customers with more cost effective, easy and proven Cloud service benefits, including;

Deepen your engagement

Meeting with customers monthly, you will get an insider’s view of how their business works and uncover new sales opportunities.

Increase your profitability

Providing Microsoft online services and outsourcing billing and support to indirect providers, you’ll open up new revenue streams.

Add value

Partnering with Microsoft, you’ll be able to  package solutions with globally industry-leading products.

Offer managed services

You will be in a competitive position to meet customer demand for managed services, as the cloud market continues to expand.

With these Cloud partnership benefits in place, businesses can more efficiently, effectively respond to customer needs, offering:

  • Saved money – with more markdowns and flexibility

Partnering with a Cloud Solution Provider saves money and reduces risks. Cloud applications and computing is offered at predictable and flexible monthly costs. On-premises capital expenditure such as in-house expertise, equipment and maintenance are significantly reduced.

  • Centralised delivery

Partnering empowers businesses with world-leading collaboration and business continuity opportunities. Partners have the Cloud’s ready-made stack of centralised products and services to choose from. With 99.9% availability, disaster recovery and uptime is almost completely guaranteed.

  • Support with Microsoft interfacing

Cloud Solution Providers collaborate with Microsoft’s support team to ensure the best customer service and support is at hand. Cloud Solution Providers are kept up-to-do date with changes to the Microsoft platform, alerting them about about new application opportunities as they come about – a powerful competitive edge in a rapidly-changing world.

Who are the CSP resellers?

Alongside Umbrellar, Microsoft lists five indirect CSP resellers in New Zealand: Rhipe, Ingram Micro, Hewlett-Packard New Zealand, Exceed and Dicker Data. Once signed on with one of these indirect Cloud Solution Providers and part of the CSP Reseller Programme, businesses of all sizes and expertise become CSP resellers in their own right.

Why Umbrellar – what does it mean to be in the Umbrellar CSP network?

Umbrellar is the largest CSP network, building on 23 years’ experience providing networking and Cloud support across New Zealand. Umbrellar is the only CSP that offers the Azure Stack for resale – enabling businesses to provide the best-in-market Cloud solutions while keeping their data in the Cloud, benefiting both speed of performance and data sovereignty.

The Umbrellar MyCSP portal gives you and your clients the tools you need to do better business. It’s a specifically defined endeavour to help you and your business achieve powerful results through cloud services, to help partners leverage the entire Azure ecosystem to speed up your customers’ cloud initiatives.

The Umbrellar partner network is a well-established network of resellers who understand the value of the Microsoft Cloud, offering a range of unique benefits to those looking to begin or enhance their journey.

Umbrellar has the unique offering of the Start – Grow – Optimise programme, developed in line with reseller maturity. The programme is a step-by-step pathway developed by Umbrellar’s expert Cloud specialists to build business capabilities in line with the Microsoft ecosystem. They walk you through the steps involved in being a viable Cloud business – from defining your workload/specialist offering, campaigning with you to showcase your business value as part of the Umbrellar Connect Partner hub, to strategic account management and co-selling opportunities.

Umbrellar’s partner ecosystem brings a rich diversity of technology skillsets, covering dedicated specialisations as Modern Workplace, Internet of Things and Data, AI, BI & Machine Learning. We work with globally impactful resellers such as human-centered design and technical innovators, Enlighten Designs, and analytical data experts, Aware Group to understand how technology is bringing business value and changing lives.

Umbrellar Connect is New Zealand’s cloud  media arm and content platform, providing technology experts locally and all around the world the opportunity to share stories of value, and collaborate on initiatives for driving change.

How do you become a CSP reseller?

You don’t need to be Microsoft certified to become part of the Umbrellar Connect community, but you do need to be ambitious and keen to modernise your business. We work closely with our Partners to empower them to do better and drive unique outcomes that make a difference to our world.

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