Microsoft Include 2021

Wednesday, 17 March 2021

Let’s come together on March 17

In diversity & inclusion, real progress requires real work

Join Microsoft for Include 2021.

We’ve got a long way to go. But together, we can make lasting change.

Changing behaviours and systems will never be easy, even with a blueprint. Diversity & inclusion is a process of iteration, trial and error. It requires us to take a hard look at ourselves, our perceptions, and our actions.

To do that, we need to leverage the experts, so we’re gathering academics and thought leaders on the topic of diversity & inclusion for a global digital event. At Microsoft we don’t have all the answers, but we are willing to try, fail, learn, and improve.

Include 2021: What to expect at the event

In this free, livestream event, guest speakers will address concepts like allyship, covering, privilege, identity and intersectionality. You’ll be able to pick from a line-up of sessions throughout the day and attend the ones that are most meaningful to you.

At Include 2021, these experts will share their research-based insights that can help us explore topics like the evolution of how we think and talk about gender, how to ensure a thoughtful approach to mental health in the workplace, and how organizations can support and advance the global conversation on race.

Register now: Get ready to do the work


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Microsoft is a technology company whose mission is to empower every person and every organisation on the planet to achieve more. We strive to create local opportunity, growth, and impact in every country around the world.


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