Manage Windows 10 like a Smartphone

Tuesday, 27 October 2020

1:00PM NZT

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Save money, improve security and delight your employees by managing Windows 10 like a Smartphone.

The world has changed and the way you manage your enterprise devices needs to evolve with it.

From bring your own to corporate laptops connecting from home, cloud management has never been more of a priority.




“Why can’t my laptop experience be like my smartphone?  Why doesn’t my laptop start-up immediate, why doesn’t the battery last all day and why does it crash?  Why does it need hands-on IT support and why do I have to bring it to the office for an update? 

There is clearly a stark difference in the laptop and smartphone experience.  Both are mobile devices, both run similar chipsets and similar software like Office 365, and both require frequent updates and good security.  So why the difference?

Why do companies have a team of skilled IT people to physically provision laptops but not mobile devices?  Why do they require employees to bring laptops to the office for software updates, but not their smartphones?  Why do laptops need to be sent back to the office to be reconfigured when an employee leaves?  Why do employees need to remember a myriad of passwords for the laptop but enjoy biometrics on their smartphone?”



Denis O’Shea – Founder Mobile Mentor

Denis founded Mobile Mentor in 2004 and has nurtured the growth and development of the company from the original Mentoring service to become a trusted mobile solutions provider for enterprise and government. Denis’ 23 years of mobile industry experience allows him to see the full mobility picture, identifying opportunities for clients and addressing the challenges. Denis is passionate about accelerating the mobile journey for clients and seeing them succeed in their mobility projects.

Liz Knight – Head of Security and Engineering Mobile Mentor 

Since 2005 Liz has dedicated her professional capabilities to the advancement of wireless mobile data technologies. During her career she have worked with customers in markets large and small, including financial and government organizations in New Zealand, Europe and the United States.

Daniil Michine – Principal Architect Mobile Mentor

Daniil has been working in information technology for over 10 years across a number of different industries.
He is very passionate about new technology, solving technological puzzles and architecting solutions.

Terrence Brown – Sr. Engineer Mobile Mentor

Terrence is our Senior Engineer in the US and works with clients in the Microsoft O365 space helping to design and development Endpoint Management solutions. Terrence is a Marine Corps veteran and graduate of Kaplan University.  Prior to joining Mobile Mentor, Terrence spent over 5 years working for a Microsoft top 10 Consulting partner in the SCCM and O365 technology space where he implemented and designed solutions for different clients both large and small.

Mobile Mentor

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We enable remote teams to be secure and productive. Work is an activity, not a place. We’re a Microsoft Gold partner specialising in modern work technology that enables remote teams to be secure and productive.


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