Partnering with the New Zealand Government – using data to drive change

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Cat Mules

The New Zealand government collaborates closely with data specialists to develop and implement community insight-led solutions.

With the New Zealand government’s recently released standards of algorithm-use, further partnership with technology specialists to help systematise the use of such data is likely on the horizon.

Dot Loves Data is one example, with their Dynamic Deprivation Index, as well as Benefit, Gambling and Crime Tools, helping drive change at both local and national government levels.

Their Dynamic Deprivation Index monitors the evolution of socio-economic deprivation levels across New Zealand. It essentially assigns a deprivation score and index to different areas across New Zealand drawing on social variables like employment status, benefit claims and consumer spending patterns.

See Dot Love’s Data’s pitch deck for yourself, Read more

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Cat Mules

Umbrellar's Digital Journalist, coming from a background in tech reporting and research. Cat's inspired by the epic potential of tech and helping kiwi innovators share their success stories.

DOT Loves Data

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We build data products. We’re a mix of data scientists, data engineers and marketers. We keep things simple, smart and beautiful and that can be the difference between winning and losing.

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