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Binokula, created by Stellar Consulting Group, offers Power BI users important functionality that allows you to securely share Power BI reports beyond your firewalls. We highlight recent updates to the platform that make your data and analytics life even easier.

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Binokula in a nutshell

The team at Stellar Consulting are always working to refine Binokula to make sharing data and analytics easy for businesses. A new feature in the Binokula API now enables you to better manage changes between reports and your applications, removing the burden of manual realignment.

Improved integration with existing applications

In previous versions, the internal Power BI ‘ReportId’ would change, meaning you’d have to update the ReportId in your applications. The latest update allows you to assign a customer ‘Report Reference’ to your reports, which your applications can use as a reference point when requesting the display of a report.

This improvement also enables your applications to have abstracted references to reports. For instance, applications can refer to ‘financial-current-year’ and Binokula will display the report that you’ve assigned to the reference ‘financials-2022’.

Something to note – the report reference feature is only activated for a customer account on request so reach out to Binokula Support if you’d like to test it out.

Using the new customer ‘Report Reference’ to simplify your data & analytics

Retain the user details you want to review

As your invited user list starts to grow, adding new emails can potentially drop a named contact way down the list and make it more cumbersome to find, review and set up report access.

The update to User Name Filter includes adding the email, allowing Administrators to retain a view of the single added contact when reviewing user settings. You can toggle sharing capability, assignment of groups and reports viewable, and final testing and invitation of users. It’s a minor update – but one that fulfils a direct customer feature request and improves the experience of managing additional user access.

View a summary of who sees what

Binokula developers have also added a User Report Assignment feature, accessible via a tab on the Admin Report screen. This new feature provides you with a full table view of all invited users in your tenancy with a list summary of the Report Groups and User Groups they report to, and includes the individual reports that are assigned to user email addresses.

Once again, this feature has been developed in direct response to customer request in order to deliver a faster view of report access status. You can filter on page by individual users if you need to check status or sort the table columns and export the content to manage a complete view of access for security and audit reviews.

Customise email subject lines when inviting users to view

Accessible via the Portal Settings screen, this ability has always existed but the subject line was hard-coded as “Please configure your Binokula account”. The updated feature allows Administrators to set the subject line for emails that match the business context, with up to 100 characters available. Now you can create warmer or more descriptive subject headings that better advise invited users of what to look out for in their inbox.

Example of the new feature to customise email subject heading


New to Binokula?

If this is the first you’ve heard of Binokula and you want to learn more, talk to the experts at Stellar Consulting.

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