Enhancing Trustpower’s customer service with improved data reporting

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In one of the most competitive industries in the country, long-term Stellar customer Trustpower is wiping the floor in the retail energy sector; outperforming competitors on almost every indicator over the past year.

How does a small regional player continuously outperform the industry heavyweights in such a hotly contested and fluid market? By doing it smarter of course – an industry-leading business strategy underpinned by an industry-leading Business Intelligence solution.

“Trustpower has long been a data-driven organisation and, with the help of Stellar, we’ve been able to significantly improve our ability to put the right information in front of the right people at the right time.” – Matt van Deventer, Head of Technology, Trustpower

The Challenge

With some 260,000 customers and terabytes of data scattered across various repositories, Trustpower recognised that decision-maker reliance on outdated and unmanaged reporting had to change. As part of its focus on improving customer service excellence, the company saw the need to improve the reliability and accuracy of its reporting capabilities while continuing to foster the culture of self-service reporting that existed throughout the business.

The Solution

Stellar was engaged by Trustpower to take the company on a journey of BI improvement that would result in a world-class solution to support their evolving multi-product strategy. In collaboration with key business stakeholders, Stellar prototyped, architected, and led the development of a new BI platform for Trustpower using the Oracle BI toolset. Operational (3rd normal form) and  Analytical (star schema) data warehouse repositories,  which support everything from real-time operational analysis through to executive KPI dashboards, were built to support the business’ reporting and analytical needs.

A conscious effort was made from the outset to ‘weed and feed’ the investment in BI with strong governance, engagement and support processes. As a result, Trustpower now has a large community of active BI users that are themselves invested in improving and leveraging BI for the good of the company. Today, Stellar continues to evolve and support Trustpower’s BI platform to meet the growing demands of their large user community, allowing them to get on with what they do best: out-smarting the competition!

The Benefits

  • Replacement of disparate legacy reporting environment with a world-class data warehouse and reporting solution.
  • Integration of energy and telecommunications billing records for over 260,000 customers into a single repository accessible via BI reporting tools.
  • Recognition throughout Trustpower that BI is a critical business application and a key enabler of strategic change.
  • Adoption of best-practice architecture provides the agility necessary to rapidly meet business needs, including advanced analytics and predictive modelling.
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