Boosting New Zealand’s sporting and technology industry with NTT

Simon Gillespie, CEO of NTT Ltd. New Zealand

Simon Gillespie, CEO of NTT Ltd. New Zealand

At NTT Ltd., we are proud to have partnered with the New Zealand Campus of Innovation and Sport (NZCIS), to deliver Smart Sport initiatives to help elevate and enable innovation within the local sporting industry, along with enhancing job prospects in the region.

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This collaboration with the NZCIS was born out of a shared commitment to technology and innovation, as we saw how the organisation had the ambition to become the most technologically advanced sports innovation campus in New Zealand, and on a global scale.

The first of its kind in New Zealand, the NZCIS is building a $30 million sports training facility in Wellington, bringing together sport, commercial, conferencing, food and beverage into a one stop shop on a 17 hectare site. The world-class facility will be home to some of Wellington’s top professional teams, including the Wellington Phoenix and Wellington Rugby teams – as well as offer extensive training for local and international players.

In order to implement Smart Sport initiatives, we are deploying Smart Solutions, which are designed to calibrate and curate data to reveal trends, discover powerful insights and generate predictive analytics. Not only will this improve fans’ experience and engagement through providing multimedia content and broadcasts, but for the athletes themselves, they will be able to incorporate the performance data and insights collected from multiple sources across the campus, to better enhance and boost their training programmes.

Allowing for this additional layer of engagement and enhanced viewing experience will help advance New Zealand’s sporting standing on a global scale. In addition, we can expect to see this accelerate the local sporting industry, which was revealed, according to a previous Sport NZ report, to contribute around $4.9 billion or 2.3% to New Zealand’s annual GDP.

Upgrading the campus

With the NZCIS site in Upper Hutt currently undergoing a massive redevelopment, our Smart Solutions will be implemented at the campus as part of a pilot phase.

Once the campus reopens, upcoming and seasoned athletes at the athlete village will be able to utilise and leverage NTT’s insights from data collected via optical sensors, sensors on equipment and wearable devices throughout the campus. Ultimately this will create a high-performance environment, helping coaches and trainers produce the best professional athletes possible coming from New Zealand.

The plans in motion will also look to create additional jobs for the region, which will help boost recognition for Upper Hutt and allow the NZCIS to host sporting events on an international level.

Looking forward

We’re committed to creating a whole new era for New Zealand’s already reputable sports industry. And as part of that, we will continue to move forward in developing NTT’s Smart Solutions capabilities and addressing new challenges facing organisations worldwide, while also contributing to local economic development.

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Simon Gillespie, CEO of NTT Ltd. New Zealand

Simon Gillespie, CEO of NTT Ltd. New Zealand

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