The benefits of adopting a scalable workforce

Eddy Kim

Eddy Kim

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As business’s scale to meet the evolving needs and demands of their customers, a number of challenges – and opportunities arise when tackling the operational growing pains associated with expansion.

As competition between businesses increases, the adoption of agile strategies applies to more than taking a product to market: it is now a vital cog in the machine driving innovation, technology, service, marketing and workforce.

Although we rely heavily on technology to deliver outcomes, people are the driving force behind smart design, innovative solutions, and strategies to take your business, service or product to the next level. Fostering a flexible and agile approach to your workforce is a considered way of adapting to changes in the market or shifting customer expectations.

Workforce agility is fast becoming the modus operandi for organisations, with temporary, contract, part-time or project roles playing just as an important part as automation and artificial intelligence in delivering against objectives. The significant plus here is the ability to increase or decrease the number of people according to your needs.

Collaborating with a trusted resource augmentation partner can provide numerous benefits that may not be immediately obvious when planning for the future.

We’ve pulled together a handful of those benefits to shine a light on the impact it could have on your business.

Flex the flexibility

The modern business environment is more fluid than ever, with customer expectations often spurring immediate action across services and products. Collaborating with a trusted resource partner gives you the ability to ramp up teams fast and hit project deadlines.

Designed for digital 

Gain access to an experienced and cross-functional team of associates with their finger on the pulse of emerging technology and practices. They can share new perspectives for solving challenges, in addition to uplifting the skills and capability of existing teams and organisations. By tapping into external resources you’re opening up a world of possibilities and diverse thinking from professionals who specialise in supporting employees and want the best outcome.

Cultivation of culture

Culture and inclusion is a key component when considering working with a trusted resource partner (you can read more about culture and DNA in our previous blog here) and can make a huge difference in both the delivery of a project and the upskilling of your team. Take advantage of design thinking, Agile methodologies and DevOps ways of working to ensure your resource partner is making a difference to every engagement.

Count the cost (efficiencies) 

Using a resource augmentation partner makes financial sense for many organisations. You only pay for the time and materials of resources onboarded for project-specific needs, and for as long as you need them.

Trust in the team

By sharing your vision and what you’re trying to achieve, experienced teams can help map out your digital transformation journey and ensure projects are managed to deadline, are in scope and are achievable. By tapping into resources with experience delivering complex projects in multiple industries, you can cross-pollinate skills for a better, faster result.

Scale at speed

Another benefit of adopting an agile approach to resourcing is quicker turnaround times. As mentioned earlier, the advent of social media often means customer issues are raised sooner and need to be resolved faster. With a trusted resource partner, scaling up your team for a product or service launch is swift and easy. With pre-screened, compliant and tech reviewed professionals, the ability to deliver project goals on time is achievable.

Finally, consider the well-being of your employees and the positives an extra set of highly capable hands can have on projects that need a fast turnaround. Sometimes a new perspective can be a breath of fresh air for a team who live and breathe the brand everyday.

At ClearPoint we have a team of experienced and cross-functional professionals who keep up to date with emerging technology and practices. In every engagement, we incorporate Design thinking, Agile methodologies & DevOps ways of working to ensure we make a difference. Our associates continue to increase their skills and expertise through access and exposure to a wide variety of projects and industries. If you’d like to know more, one of our ClearPoint associates would be happy to chat further – contact us now.

Eddy Kim

Eddy Kim

Eddy Kim, Technical Resource Manager, ClearPoint


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