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CodeHQ gives us the low-down on overcoming the uniquely New Zealand challenges of creating great software, such as smaller talent pool, an incredibly tight market, complex employment regulations and legacy systems. Find out how their smart solutions are helping CodeHQ build software destined to change the world.

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The pandemic has accelerated the rate and speed of digital transformation, with customers increasingly engaging digitally. For companies, the pressure is on to develop great software to meet changing consumer needs.

As a result, customer expectations are evolving as they begin to experience the digital capabilities of both global and local businesses. Boards, shareholders, and investors now expect revenue and profit growth that’s enabled by digital development and transformation – which ultimately means companies need to adopt the best quality software.

New Zealand businesses, however, face unique challenges when it comes to creating great software.

For starters, we’ve always had a smaller talent pool than our global aspirations – a challenge only exacerbated by COVID-19 and border restrictions. Secondly, in our tight market, it can be difficult finding specialised skillsets. Then there are the productivity challenges experienced by in-house teams spending time on activities other than cutting code, such as annual leave, sick leave, learning and development, etc.

In a small market with complex employment regulations, scaling teams up and down is no mean feat. Businesses that stick to rapidly outdating legacy systems will be held back from developing the great software that their customers and shareholders are demanding.

Traditional options

Traditionally, there are three routes but all have limitations.

Local body shop providers: These guys are fishing in the same talent pools as you – except when they put a bum on a seat, there’s an added markup. In short, it’s an expensive option that makes business cases difficult to stack up.

Move development entirely offshore: Unfortunately, this one-size-fits-all approach can neglect local nuances and fail to recognise and understand New Zealand’s business culture. This option risks poor engagement and service, as well as incurring communication challenges that lead to significant frustration and re-work.

Simply give up: Your competitors overtake you; your shareholders become less than happy and your staff are left feeling frustrated. Even worse, your customers could also vote with their feet and find alternatives.

One team, two markets

CodeHQ offers a smarter solution by blending the best of on-shore with the best of off-shore to give you access to superior development resources. Fully NZ-owned, CodeHQ has a growing team of 60 spread across NZ and Vietnam.

Their unique model, perfected over 30 years, delivers New Zealand-based architects, project managers, business analysts and tech leads who work closely with clients to clearly define requirements before designing and executing solutions.

Their Vietnam office hosts a team of highly qualified developers and testers, with a well-maintained talent pool, so the business can scale to meet client requirements.

Quality STEM education system + youthful population

Why Vietnam? Mitchell Pham, one of CodeHQ’s directors, is a Vietnamese-Kiwi, with a close relationship to the country and first-hand knowledge of its potential for providing access to quality developers.

With a population of over 95 million – 60% of which are under 30 years old – plus an excellent STEM education system, Vietnam offers CodeHQ a strong supply of experienced development and testing engineers. In fact, the Vietnam office has the luxury of only hiring senior developers with 5+ years experience.

Bringing a range of tech to the table

Whether you’re in travel, healthcare or construction, CodeHQ is experienced across many industries. Apart from providing quality development resources, they can also help you out with architecture consulting, DevOps, technical support, process improvement plus share best practice.

CodeHQ also works across a range of technologies and platforms, including:

  • Flutter, .Net Core, Java, Python, GoLang, React, Angular, Vue, Typescript and more
  • Azure, AWS and Google Cloud
  • Mobile, Desktop and Web client applications
  • Server/Service/API and Message Bus architectures based around platforms like Kafka, Mulesoft, Azure and AWS message technologies
  • Integration solutions
  • Microservices
  • Portal Development
  • CI/CD and DevOps
  • Automated Testing including Cucumber, Selenium, Cyprus.io

Security is a must

CodeHQ takes security very seriously, adopting a range of measures to ensure client comfort. Some examples include:

  • Centrally controlled and monitored development workstations
  • Microsoft premium E3 security
  • Continuous security awareness training
  • IP and non-disclosure agreements between CodeHQ and employees
  • Criminal and financial checks on each employee
  • Physical security at Auckland and Ho Chi Minh City offices.

Quality baked into the business

Quality is the essential ingredient baked into every aspect of CodeHQ’s business. They view clients as long-term partners, which is why from the very beginning of any engagement, they commit to understanding how the client defines quality and the procedures that guarantee it is achieved. From that point, they build that unique definition into both the client engagement model and reporting system so there’s full transparency from the start.

CodeHQ’s ultimate objective is about providing code to match the calibre that the client team would expect from their own colleagues.

Every day, CodeHQ works with New Zealand businesses to build software designed to help them reach their full potential. One outstanding example of CodeHQ’s quality and expertise is how they helped Medtech build their new ALEX (Application Layer EXchange) platform, designed to help doctors get back to the business of diagnosing disease instead of managing patient data.

Ready for an Unfair Advantage?

CodeHQ are on a mission to make quality software – without excuses. If you’re looking to implement transformational digital change in your business, or you’d just like to share your favourite tech tip, we’d love to hear about it.

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