The pioneer who took us to new heights, Gladys Perkins

Saron Yitbarek

Saron Yitbarek

Command Line Heroes, an original podcast from Red Hat

Is the moon made of cheese? Of course not. But can a person walk on the surface? Not too long ago, we couldn’t answer that question. But with the help of Gladys Perkins, we soon figured out that we could send a team to the moon and have them safely land on its surface.

Moon landing – Photo by NASA on Unsplash

There was a time when the United States was behind the Soviets in the space race. Everyone had their sights set on the moon. Andrew Chaikin describes NASA’s disastrous Ranger missions. Erik Conway explains how complicated the trajectory calculations were—and to top it all off, why they often couldn’t be done in advance. To succeed, NASA’s new Surveyor program would need the capability to adjust trajectory mid-flight. Gladys Perkins made those calculations possible. But her part in this story hasn’t been well documented. Our editor Kim Huang recounts how difficult it was to get details of her story. And Vahe Peroomian explains how important it is to get these histories told to inspire the next generation to take on moonshot projects.

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Saron Yitbarek

Saron Yitbarek

Host of Command Line Heroes podcast, Red Hat

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Gladys Perkins, The pioneer who took us to new heights

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