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Women in Tech Panel: Sarah Webb, Amelia Gain, Alliv Samson

In this episode Paul Spain is joined by three outstanding leaders – Sarah Webb: COO at LawVu, Amelia Gain: CEO & Co-Founder at Preno and Alliv Samson: Co-Founder at Kami. Each has a natural affiliation to tech and have garnered years of experience in tech and leadership. We discuss their challenges in leading and establishing a startup, hiring and diversity, business confidence and inspiring more representation for women to be encouraged to enter and to lead in business and tech.

Paul Spain

Designing Tech with Kiwi designer Nicola Chamberlain (Zound Industries, Sweden)

Paul Spain chats with Nicola Chamberlain, a Kiwi designer who studied at Victoria University before building a global career in product design. Based in Sweden and working with audio company Zound Industries (Urbanears, Marshall, Adidas), Nicola shares about her fascinating career and the role of the designer in both tech and non-tech products (industrial design and product design).

Paul Spain

Startup Journey: The rapidly growing Kiwi startup that scored US$6m in a Series A funding round

Paul Spain talks with Neil Cresswell –  co-founder and CEO at tech startup Portainer who have just raised US$6m in a Series A funding round. Learn from Neil’s journey and that of his rapidly growing New Zealand/Global startup Portainer which makes working with containerisation technologies such as Kubernetes and Docker simpler to benefit from.

Paul Spain

The Kiwi engineer assisting NASA with deep space communications

Hear from George Li, a Kiwi Engineer who is helping conquer communications in deep space through his work and research with NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and University of Michigan. George talks with Paul Spain about cube sats (satellites), the fascinating challenges and solutions to deep space communications and the journey into the space sector.

Paul Spain

Exclusive: Seeby Woodhouse on the cyber attack on Voyager

We exclusively discuss a cyber attack on internet provider Voyager with Founder and Chief Executive Seeby Woodhouse. Also featured - working from home vs office based working, the importance of solid home Wi-Fi and a hands on review of the latest mesh Wi-Fi being distributed by Vodafone and Vocus and a number of perspectives on cyber security - including the recent data leak at Ubiquiti.

Paul Spain

The NZ Brain Gain with Mark Rees (CTO, Xero)

Mark Rees (Chief Technology Officer, Xero) joins Paul Spain to discuss his journey at Xero from a multi-year technology pivot, to the role of artificial intelligence plus learnings and upsides of COVID-19 - including a flip on the brain drain New Zealand has grown used to.

Paul Spain

Startups Special Panel

In this episode we delve into the world of startups - learning what makes Kiwi startups so special, along with tips from the field about raising venture capital and how our approach to collaboration should change.

Paul Spain

The $1B Clubhouse – What is the Present and Future of Audio Social Networks?

We delve into Clubhouse – a new audio social network that’s grown dramatically in recent days thanks to visits by Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and more. What is it and what does the future of Clubhouse look like as competitors prepare to take on this new and fresh company with a >$1B valuation. Hear first-hand comments on use of competitor Twitter Spaces, along with thoughts on the role of Facebook and LinkedIn in this space.

Paul Spain

Founder Insights: Mike Carden + Philip Carden – Joyous

In this episode brothers, Mike Carden and Philip Carden share insights from their fast moving startup Joyous - and their past endeavours including Mike's success with building and selling Sonar6 and Philip's learnings leading a huge global team as Global Head of Consulting Services at Alcatel-Lucent.

Paul Spain

NZ Bitcoin Roundtable

What’s driving the current craze in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies? Darcy Ungaro (NZ Everyday Investor), Paul Spain (NZ Tech Podcast), Janine Grainger (Easy Crypto), Brooke Howard-Smith (Entrepreneur) share insights on recent price rises and opinions on what the future holds.

Paul Spain

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