Nokia to get 4G to the moon; LG’s rollable TV goes on sale; US files charges against Google

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Nokia to get 4G tower on the moon

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Nokia has announced that it will work together with NASA to build the first cellular communications network on the moon.

The Finnish telecommunications manufacturer will deploy a 4G tower on the moon’s surface in late 2022, the company said earlier this week.

The 4G tower is part of a wider plan by NASA to establish a long-term human presence on the moon, as part of the warm-up missions to get humans on Mars.

NASA is reportedly paying Nokia $14.1 million to build the network.

Partnering with US-based Intuitive Machines, Nokia will provide NASA with a base station, antennas and software capable of surviving the moon’s more extreme conditions.

LG’s rollable TV goes on sale

Photo: LG

If you’ve got US$87,000 burning a hole in your pocket, have we found a deal for you.

LG will release the world’s first rollable TV onto the market – although you’ll have to buy it from one of seven stories in South Korea and pay the hefty price tag mentioned above.

The 65-inch LG Signature OLED R is described by the company as “the most innovative development in television technology in decades”.

The TV is flexible and can retract, fully or partially, into its base. It can also adapt into different aspect ratios and even hide the panel completely when you’re not using it.

“LG’s exquisite creation liberates users from the limitations of the wall, enabling owners to curate their living environment without having to permanently set aside space for a large, black screen that is only useful when turned on,” the company said in a statement.

US files charges against Google

Photo: Unsplash

The US government has officially filed charges against Google over alleged violations of competition law.

Google is accused of preserving its monopoly over internet searches and online advertising.

The US regulators bringing on the case against Google are focusing on how much Google pays every year to ensure its search engine is the default option on browsers and devices.

The lawsuit has been filed after a year-long investigation into the company and has been deemed the biggest challenge brought by US government regulators against a major technology firm in years.

Google has described the case as “deeply flawed”.

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