Instagram targets hidden ads; Fallout from Twitter’s Biden article block; Samsung to release new Galaxy S phones

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Instagram targets influencers posting hidden ads

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Instagram says it is cracking down on influencers hiding the fact that they are advertising a product or service in their posts.

In the UK, an investigation found that the social media platform was not doing enough to make sure its users were not being misled by hidden advertising.

From next year, Instagram says it will roll out new tools such as prompts to remind influencers to properly disclose whether they are being paid to promote a product or service in their post.

The company will also roll out new algorithms to spot potential hidden ads.

In New Zealand, the Advertising Standards Authority released new guidelines for influencers last month, to ensure more transparency in their advertising and to make it clearer when they were being paid for a particular post.

Twitter reviews policies after Biden article block

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Twitter says it has updated the policy that led the social media platform to block people from sharing a link to a New Yotk Post story about Joe Biden’s son Hunter.

Twitter’s Hacked Materials policy blocked users from sharing the article as it had been acquired as part of a hack.

The company says that it has revised the policy and, from now on, posts will be flagged as having hacked material, rather than automatically blocked.

Content shared directly by hackers will still be removed, Twitter said.

CEO Jack Dorsey admitted the decision to block sharing the article was “not great”.

Samsung to release new Galaxy S phones

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Android Central reports that the new Samsung Galaxy S phones will be released in January 2021.

Steve Hemmerstoffer, a reliable leaker, has said the new model will feature a 6.2-inch flat screen, with a hole-punch front-facing camera.

The Ultra model is said to feature a larger, curved screen.

No details on internal specs have been leaked.

Samsung traditionally releases new models in late February so a January release, if confirmed, would be a departure from that.

The leak follows hot on the heels of the iPhone announcement last week.

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