Facebook cloud-gaming launch leaves key player out; Why drivers are suing Uber; Data breach leads to clinical patients blackmail

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Facebook cloud-gaming launch leaves key player out

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Facebook has launched its cloud-streamed video games service, but the offering will not be available on iPhones or iPads.

The social media giant left Apple out of the new service, which will be available via the Facebook and Facebook Gaming apps on Android, as well as the Facebook website on PC.

Facebook said it is not sure offering the product on iOS via the Apple App Store is “a viable path”.

“While our iOS path is uncertain, one thing is clear,” wrote Jason Rubin, Facebook’s vice-president of Play, in a blog post.

“Apple treats games differently and continues to exert control over a very precious resource.”

Drivers suing Uber over “robo-firing” algorithms

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A number of former Uber drivers are reportedly suing the company arguing that Uber used an automated “robo-firing” algorithm to fire them.

According to the BBC, several drivers in the UK want to take the company to court in the Netherlands, where it is headquartered.

The drivers want the court to demand that Uber overrules the algorithm.

However, Uber has counterclaimed that the process of deactivating the drivers’ accounts was subject to a manual review, conducted by staff.

The court battle is the first of its kind to happen since the EU’s General Data Protection (GDPR) rules came into force in 2018.

Data breach leads to clinical patients blackmail

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A data breach at a psychotherapy clinic in Finland has led to multiple patients’ private data being stolen, with a few of them being contacted directly and blackmailed by the hacker.

Private clinic Vastaamo has thousands of patients across Finland and the hack reportedly stole personal information about the patients, including notes of what they had discussed in their therapy sessions.

It is believed the clinic was the target of two data breaches, one in November 2018 and another potential one in March 2019.

According to the AP, about 300 patient records have been published on the dark web.

Vastaamo has told the affected patients to contact police. The clinic is cooperating with authorities working on the case.

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