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At Umbrellar, we are committed to educating and driving New Zealand businesses towards a better digital future.

An important part of this journey is providing opportunities for our partners across New Zealand to connect with our people and each other at events where ideas are shared, inspiration is given, and challenges are faced.

Recently, we held such a series of events in Christchurch and Wellington that brought together business leaders looking to bring digital transformation to life in their organisations. The question we faced was how to overcome organisational resistance to digital transformation.

To guide us through the discussion, we heard from Aurynn Shaw, renowned DevOps culturalist, behaviourist, and founder of DevOps consultancy Eiara, who provided a big picture view of DX, focusing on cultural and organisational change. Also presenting were Sarah Heal, the Director and Co-founder of Information Leadership, an award-winning information and knowledge management company, and Blair Scott, New Zealand Director of Walkerscott, specialists in ERP, Microsoft Power BI, Planning Solutions & Development Integration.

The messages from our three presenters coalesced into this key point: there is no greater challenge for business than DX, but simultaneously, there is no greater opportunity. So why are many businesses till struggling to start the journey?

In this e-book, we invite you to be part of the ongoing conversation around how business can overcome resistance to digital transformation. We?ll share some of the key insights from the event series, as well as some of the latest Microsoft technologies and research on how it is.

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