Need a gauge on your remote work readiness? Try iT360’s Remote Work Readiness Assessment

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With the prospect of lockdown looming, iT360’s CEO, Dave Wilson, knuckled down to devise the Remote Work Readiness Assessment tool. Dave gives us a run down on what the tool’s intended to do - and who it’s most useful for.

“It’s about helping people have an action plan, a roadmap and peace of mind… Most of us have been thrust into remote working. And we need to do it effectively as soon as possible.”

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iT360 CEO, Dave Wilson, shares the what and why behind the Remote Work Readiness Assessment Tool.

it360 partner impact 23 apr focus2Meet the Remote Work Readiness Assessment –

We designed the Remote Work Readiness Assessment to take the IT with remote working off the plate of New Zealand’s many small and medium business owners. It’s about speeding the transition to effective remote working and closing any gaps for business owners.

It has two steps:

A very simple 10 question self-assessment, able to be taken independently. Questions include ‘are our computer systems ready for employees?’, “Are our systems ready for performance reviews of remote work?” and ‘Had a remote work policy been put in place?’ You then get a report automated to your inbox – your score is simple, a ranking out of 10.

Then a one-one call to talk through what you need, and how our experts can help.  We ascertain where the business is at, we look at current state and future state, what do we have now versus where to we want to be, covering what’s there and where there are gaps across all elements, such as AI, network setup, collaboration, security.

A little background –

“I remember working hours and hours to get it going because I was like, man, businesses are going to need this… At that point they had a choice, now, there’s no choice.”

I was catching up with my peer group of IT companies across New Zealand, Australia and the USA in early March, as Covid-19 was making its first appearance in New Zealand. We realised we needed to act.

For a lot of New Zealand businesses, I know remote working is still relatively new. So many of them are worried right now… How can they pay their bills? Can they keep their staff employed? Can they keep saving their customers? And that’s what they should be focused on – we take the technical side off their plate so they can put their energies where they work best.

How does the Remote Work Readiness Assessment work?

“We know that, for most NZ businesses, they can’t really just do it self-serve – there’s far more involved than that.”

Remote working is always going to look different for every business, but there are fundamentals that everyone needs to tick off. We ask them questions about their specific position which then goes into rapid development of an action plan. It’s about business continuity, about building in many other capabilities that can come with remote working.

iT360 caters to clientele all across NZ. Click through and get a gauge on your own business’s work place readiness.

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Need a gauge on your remote work readiness? Try iT360’s Remote Work Readiness Assessment

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