Apple’s “One More Thing” event; Algorithm detects “Covid cough”; Twitter hides Trump tweet ahead of US election

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New MacBook laptops expected at Apple’s “One More Thing” event

Photo: Apple

Apple is expected to unveil new MacBook Air and Pro models at its upcoming virtual “One More Thing” event, scheduled for November 10.

Reports say the company is getting ready to unveil its first laptop featuring Arm-based CPUs.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is expected to release details of three new laptops at the event: a 13-inch MacBook Air, as well as two new MacBook Pro models, ditching Intel processors.

A new iMac, Mac Mini and smaller MacBook Pro are also expected to be announced.

New algorithm can detect “Covid cough”

Photo: Pexels

A new algorithm can correctly distinguish between a regular cough and the cough of a positive case of coronavirus.

The algorithm, developed in the US, can correctly identify people who have contracted Covid-19, even before they have tested positive – all using the sound of their cough.

Researchers who developed the algorithm have achieved 98.5% success rate in detecting Covid-19 cases, and 100% success rate in patients who had no other symptoms.

The algorithm, developed at the MIT lab, detects differences that the human ear can not detect.

The researchers hope to put the algorithm through regulatory approval so it can be developed into an app.

Twitter hides Trump tweet ahead of US election

Photo: Unsplash

On the eve of the most controversial election in the history of the US, Twitter had to hide a tweet by Donald Trump.

Trump’s tweet referred to the Supreme Court decision to allow more time for postal ballots to arrive in Pennsylvania.

He called the decision “very dangerous” and claimed it would allow for “rampant and unchecked cheating”.

Twitter hid the tweet and added a warning label to Trump’s account, letting users know it includes content that is “disputed and might be misleading”.

Facebook also added a label to the same message posted to Trump’s page.

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