Apple to announce new iPhone; Facebook deletes Trump post; Excel blamed for UK Covid-19 blunder

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Apple to announce new iPhone this month

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Apple will unveil its new iPhone at an online event on October 13.

The company has teased the launch with the phrase “Hi, Speed”.

The new iPhone announcement comes a little later than its usual September window, but not far from the company’s recent iPad and Apple watch announcements.

The rumoured iPhone 12 is expected to support 5G networks and come in four different models.

Facebook deletes Trump’s post about Covid-19

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Facebook has removed a post by US President Donald Trump in which he claimed that Covid-19 is less deadly than the flu.

Trump had posted earlier today that people in the US had “learned to live” with the flu and would have to learn to live with the novel coronavirus as well, before claiming that Covid is “in most populations far less lethal”.

According to CNN, Facebook says it removed the post because it violated its rules against the spread of Covid-19 misinformation.

Trump posted the same message to Twitter. Twitter did not remove it but added a warning label to it, as it had done to previous Trump tweets.

Trump was diagnosed with Covid-19 last week and was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for the weekend.

Excel blamed for UK Covid-19 blunder

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A flaw with the UK coronavirus count that saw 16,000 confirmed cases disappear from its national track and trace system has been attributed to a Microsoft Excel error.

The error reportedly happened because the Excel spreadsheet used to track the number of confirmed cases reached its maximum file size and consequently failed to update.

“Initial findings indicate that the issue was caused by the fact that some files containing positive test results exceeded their maximum file size, and they then failed to load into the central system because they couldn’t get through,” a Public Health England (PHE) spokesperson told the BBC.

The nearly 16,000 missing cases, confirmed this week, were recorded between September 25th and October 2nd.

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