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The Transformation of Umbrellar / Freeparking

Delving into the business transformation story of NZ company Umbrellar - from a domain name and hosting provider (including Freeparking, Webdrive and other brands) to a dramatically different business. In this NZ Tech Podcast episode, host Paul Spain talks with Michael Foley (Executive Chairman, Umbrellar) and Dave Howden (General Manager & Head of Cloud, Umbrellar).

Paul Spain

Technology Investment in New Zealand

The TIN200 Report, Punakaiki Fund, Sharesies and Hatch all feature in this discussion about technology investment in New Zealand in 2020 – and it’s importance in NZ’s future as an alternative to other investments such as property.

Paul Spain

NZ Broadband Progress – What’s Next?

On this episode we discuss New Zealand broadband development progress, Huawei’s move into audio with noise cancelling headphones, a new Android Auto and CarPlay option, Kea Aerospace, Avast Secure browser and is AWS (Amazon Web Services) too dominant?

Paul Spain

3 transformations of the CEO role

The role of the CEO is changing. Accenture New Zealand’s Strategy and Consulting Lead says today’s CEOs must be able to adapt to specialisation, competition, diversity, and be prepared to earn social trust.

Cat Mules

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