Lacuna + Co the missing piece for your next event

Looking for "the missing piece" to make your next event something special? We talk to our favourite event consultants Lacuna + Co, who do the mahi behind the scenes for Digital Changemaker events and helped make Umbrellar's latest partner event an outstanding night out for everyone involved.

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Who is Pax8?

Pax8 recently announced the acquisition of Umbrellar, the New Zealand award-winning, services-led Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider. So what does this mean for the Aotearoa New Zealand cloud ecosystem in general - and Umbrellar and their customers in particular? We go through the background and unpack why this is a win-win for everyone.

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New Zealand’s cloud adoption curve

Want to understand the trends that are shaping New Zealand's cloud transformation? CCL commissioned independent research firm Perceptive to conduct a direct primary research survey of 425 leading technology decision-makers across New Zealand.

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Umbrellar wins Reseller News NZ Partner Innovation Collaboration award

Winning the 2021 Reseller News NZ Partner Innovation - Collaboration award is just the icing on the cake for Umbrellar. They're more excited about the successful partnership with Medtech and Augen that has led to building a New Zealand healthcare solution platform that's saving lives by empowering doctors to focus on diagnosing and curing their patients. Built in the cloud, the ALEX platform is already proving its worth in the NZ health sector and is readily available to other countries such as Australia, Ireland and the UK.

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How Kubernetes is leveling the tech playing field

It’s no secret that the technology industry is in the midst of a serious skills shortage. For example, researchers estimate that Australia will need another 156,000 new technology workers by 2025 to capitalise on a $10b economic growth opportunity, and New Zealand is in a comparable position.

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