Enlighten Designs announces new strategic partnership with Powell Software

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Enlighten Designs' new partnership gives them the ability to expand their expertise in providing modern workplace solutions.

With Powell Software, Enlighten Designs can further transform your Digital Workplace using SharePoint and Microsoft Teams environments. This winning partnership is set to help sharpen your business processes, build a strong corporate culture, improve employee experiences, and improve the governance of your Microsoft Teams tenancy.


With the explosion of remote and hybrid work in recent years, Microsoft have positioned themselves as a leader in modern workplace solutions with Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and SharePoint. However, this has created a real need for governance and streamlined business processes.

By distributing and deploying Powell Software’s suite of Digital Workplace Solutions, Enlighten can support their clients and partners to leverage the hybrid workplace optimally. As a result, organisations can enhance communication and collaboration, boost productivity, heighten security, and provide user experiences that align with every team’s needs.

The strategic alliance of Powell Software’s leading-edge technology solutions with Enlighten’s expertise to deliver digital transformations promises to result in the truly modern digital workplace.

We are thrilled to partner with Powell Software for their Teams and Intranet solutions, both of which will enable our clients and Enlighten to work smarter, rather than harder, by using proven templated and governance products,” said Justin Miller, Head of Sales for Enlighten Designs.

Pierre Delage, APAC Business Lead for Powell Software, also commented “We are very excited about the announcement of our partnership with Enlighten Designs, reinforcing our presence in the New Zealand market. Coupled with Enlighten Designs’ proven expertise, we want to help organisations connect their employees in the digital workplace and write their own future of work.

Powell Software is an international software vendor that supports its customers in their digital transformation by offering a suite of customisable and scalable Digital Workplaces solutions. At the forefront of Microsoft 365 and SharePoint technologies, the Powell suite offers solutions that revolutionise collaboration, communication, and productivity in the company.

Powell Software places the user experience at the centre of its strategy and approach and supports users in their daily operations through new generations of Digital Workplaces. The Microsoft Gold Partner now has a presence in Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East to be closer to its customers and partners.

To celebrate this new partnership, Enlighten Designs are offering you the chance to get your Microsoft Teams tenancy under control with a free Teams health check. Find out how you can:

  • reduce the number of teams created per employee by 50%
  • save 80% of the management time across a team lifecycle
  • track inactive groups and teams without owners.

Get your free health check for immediate insights into how you can optimise Teams for your organisation.



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