Microsoft releases new add-on for Defender for Business

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Microsoft recently announced the availability of Microsoft Defender for Business Servers - an add-on to Defender for Business that enables you to secure your server operating systems with the same protection you get for client devices. We unpack what that means, licensing and subscription costs and why you should consider it for your business.

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License prerequisites

In order to add on Microsoft Defender for Business servers, you’ll need at least one paid license for Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Defender for Business (standalone). It’s licensed per server instance, which means that you’ll need a separate license for each OSE (physical or virtual).

There’s a limit of 60 Microsoft Defender for Business servers’ licenses per subscription to Microsoft 365 Business Premium or Defender for Business, so that’s something to be aware of.

RRP (annual commit, paid monthly) – $4.50

Steps to getting your Microsoft Defender for Business servers license

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Microsoft releases new add-on for Defender for Business - Umbrellar Connect

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