Eight homegrown eco-tech solutions revolutionising our world

Cat Mules

We may be a small island, tucked away from the rest of the world, but New Zealand’s knack for innovation frequently precedes us.

In celebration of Earth Day, here’s a shout out to eight kiwi changemakers using tech for outcomes that are good for both business and the planet.

1. Halter’s AI-based smart cow collar has broken ground in the agriculture industry, allowing farmers to remotely track and monitor the health and movement of their herd.

Credit: Halter

2. A “green ‘offset’” button from CarbonClick enables eco-friendly checkout on payment channels. It’s part of the company’s ambition to build a trusted system that will drive greater uptake of voluntary carbon-offset schemes.

Credit: Carbon Click

3. Dawn Aerospace engineers eco-friendly and reusable chemical satellite propulsion systems to substitute currently costly electrical space launches. This means they can avoid the array of debris that has accumulated in space.

Credit: Dawn Aerospace

4. Sustainable Coastlines’ litter tracker and insight generator, built by Enlighten Designs, allows litter to be tracked and logged into a database. Local groups and businesses are then enabled to monitor litter collection behaviour to see what’s working and what isn’t.


Credit: Sustainable Coastlines

5. This pollution fermentation process converts carbon-rich industrial gases from steel mills intro fuel. In a recent partnership with Virgin Atlantic and Boeing, LanzaTech’s patented fuel is soon to be used to complete the first commercial flight.

Credit: LanzaTech

6. Orbica’s geospatial location data system, GeoAI, merges drone imagery into a 3D set of data points. It helps improve funding allocation considering the entire environment, with benefits for anything from habitat protection to waste run-off to efficiency across the supply chain.

Credit: Orbica

7. Aeroqual created an integrated sensor software to monitors air quality in real-time, allowing for easy measurements that will drive effective and sustainable environmental design.

Credit: aeroqual.com

8. Geoscience company, Seequent, has developed 3D geological solutions that enable the monitoring and interpretation of geological data to improve outcomes in the environmental and energy sectors.


Credit: Seequent

Saving the earth may seem an intimidating prospect at times, but with a dash of kiwi ingenuity and the right mindset these eco-tech success stories prove it’s every bit possible. Kudos to these tech innovators, and the many others, who are putting their technical resourcefulness and creativity to good work for the earth.


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Eight homegrown eco-tech solutions revolutionising our world

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