Gisborne District Council’s new intranet improves communication with Office 365 and Information Leadership

Gisborne District Council (GDC) is a local government authority based in the North Island of New Zealand. Information Leadership partnered with GDC to deliver an intranet on their existing Office 365 platform. This sets them up to take advantage of the Office 365 toolset and incorporate cloud technology enhancements as required. The purpose of the project was to improve communication and bring staff together.

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De-stress your mind with these 5 tech hacks

Even with our work computers a more permanent feature in our homes, it’s still important that we maintain effective strategies for looking after our mental health. Here are some practical ways to use technology that’ll boost your inner calm.

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5 ways to rock working-from-home, and some tools to help

What does “working” from home really look like? Our everyday routines of driving, bussing or, for the ultra-organised, cycling or walking into work for our 9-5s, our tussles over meeting rooms, our water cooler chats has all, in the span of a couple of weeks, been turned on its head. We reviewed expert advice and leading apps to help you with WFH. Here’s what we found.

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Murray Polson – Meaningful health

Evidence-based HealthTech is the approach of the future, but are New Zealand companies keeping up? Listen to Dave and Murray Polson (Managing Director at Erudite Group) chat about's behind a passionate health technologist and what's next for health digitisation and modernisation. Erudite’s HealthTech approach is heavily rooted in epidemiology: the study of how health exists within specific communities.

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‘Always-on’ business – truth or dare?

Is data recovery and availability keeping you awake at night? You’re not alone. When surveyed, four out of five enterprises admitted their data and application recovery capability doesn’t match employee and customer expectations.

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