What it takes to keep healthcare up and running in a pandemic

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Cat Mules

Mobile Mentor is a New Zealand-led international enterprise mobility solutions provider, with some critical healthcare service clients.

Mobile Mentor is a New Zealand-led international enterprise mobility solutions provider, who have been meeting the pressurised need for improved health solutions post COVID-19 pandemic for their critical healthcare service clients.

Their Zero Touch Provisioning has been invaluable. In a no-touch world where healthcare providers are in critical need, the Zero Touch Provisioning tech eliminates the once lengthy time of manual set-up with an automatic configuration. For those who need to set-up new laptops, iPads and other devices, it means remote device configuration and management. It means faster turnaround and less people handling the device.

Mobile Mentor draws on the cloud and Microsoft Intune to configure any device across Windows, Apple and Android operating systems.

This has been especially important with COVID-19. Mobile Mentor’s solution architect comments, “we’re seeing years’ worth of innovation and change compressed into a single quarter. It feels like the business landscape is evolving on a weekly basis and will continue to evolve at this speed.”

One powerful case study is from Alive Hospice, a not-for-profit palliative care facility.  Kyle Rucker, Director of Information Technology says the transformation with Zero Touch Provisioning is a “huge breakthrough”. Alive Hospice equips their patients with iPads so care workers can provide care and comfort over video to patients who choose to remain in their own homes.

“We recently needed to make an update to our Henry Hooker Alive Connect app on our iPads,” Rucker says.  “Traditionally, this would have required bringing in the devices and updating them at headquarters. Now with Zero Touch Provisioning we were able to remotely update the devices at patients’ homes. Our patients don’t have to worry about being exposed, and we can keep them up and running without interruption.”

Mobile Mentor’s customers are focused on enhancing mobility and becoming nimble. As Denis O’Shea, founder of Mobile Mentor, says, “our customers are knowledge workers – they are interested in modernising their workforce. They want to lower IT costs as revenues have taken a hit during this crisis, so they are interested in more radical solutions than pre-COVID.  Also, COVID has made knowledge workers more vulnerable from a security perspective, so healthcare providers want to know how their data is being used and protected.  We help them leverage their investment in Microsoft to get the balance between security and employee experience”.

O’Shea goes on to say that CEOs and other executives face the pressure of prioritising other business initiatives, so IT often takes a back seat. However, with COVID, many industries including health have found they can work effectively with a remote workforce. The entire globe has undergone a rapid digital transformation.

Might COVID-19 be the tipping point that moves us towards a more digitally responsive health sector, post lockdown?

Daniel McCarthy, CEO of Mobile Mentor, says, “As New Zealand returns to level 1 normality, and we all venture out into the world again, I hope that the lessons learnt from this fast-tracked digital transformation remain.”

“Giving employees the freedom to work remote – and do so effectively – has enormous value.  Our role is to empower organisations to get more out of their Microsoft 365 services to achieve more.  At the end of the day we are all people with lives, families and unique personal needs. Technology should serve and support us, not limit us.”

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Cat Mules

Umbrellar's Digital Journalist, coming from a background in tech reporting and research. Cat's inspired by the epic potential of tech and helping kiwi innovators share their success stories.

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We enable remote teams to be secure and productive. Work is an activity, not a place. We’re a Microsoft Gold partner specialising in modern work technology that enables remote teams to be secure and productive.

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