Under the hood of Azure Stack

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Cat Mules

'What is the value proposition of Azure Stack?' Join four cloud experts as they answer these and other fundamental cloud ecosystem questions.


In the past, managing your business was a complex affair. Lots of different deployment methodologies, different software packages you need around.

On the other hand, not everyone, and everything, is ready to go to the public cloud.

In today’s digitising world, businesses want – and need – the flexibility to work across different clouds approaches – be it private, public or hosted. They’re also more and more wanting to be open source, free from hindering processing lags that previously resulted from misaligned different products and services.

In a nutshell, Azure Stack involves hybrid solutions that can run connected to or disconnected from the public cloud to improve business agility. It means that the user experiences full control of Microsoft’s public Azure cloud on their own site, but, under the hood, it is run by Microsoft’s networking, security and storage. The majority of New Zealand companies prefer this hybrid cloud approach over full public cloud.

Here are four Microsoft Azure experts on the building blocks and value proposition of Azure Stack in New Zealand.

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“Let’s combine forces as a collective between the customer, the partner and whatever digital mandate that you have… Knowing that we’re not a jack-of-all-trades”

“We [are]…a mini extension of Microsoft in the country that not only can we take our services to customers but all of our partners, across of their competencies and practices… [they] can take that out to market as well”

‘Customers don’t have to go through the challenge of hardware procurement, installation, firmware management… We’ve done all of that”

David Howden, Head of Cloud, Umbrellar. 

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“The key here is when we’re working with the most trusted and compliant cloud provider in the world… The same level of regulatory compliance is applied to the whole end-to-end delivery” 

David Garrett, Solutions Architect, Umbrellar.



“People want to see the whites of your eyes if they want to do business with you. They want to know that you’re in it with them.”

“You’re able to bring a kind of global best practice, global best technology… To a New Zealand audience”

Andrew Bedford, HPE New Zealand Cloud Business Manager.



“It’s imperative in terms of how we’re going to keep developing the platform… Extend the road map”

Partick Quesnel, Senior Cloud and AI Business Group Lead for Microsoft New Zealand.


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