Remote work reaches tipping point – Microsoft Teams’ active daily users surges to 44 million

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Microsoft Teams service – an Office 365 collaboration hub – is rapidly scaling at a faster rate than ever before, with the most recent numbers at more than 44 million daily users.

Microsoft’s Teams service – an Office 365 collaboration hub – is rapidly scaling in usage with the most recent numbers at more than 44 million daily users.


The recent rush to adopt virtual meeting tools is hardly surprising with global initiatives to lock down on the highly infectious Covid-19 pandemic. Microsoft made their Office 365 Teams service free from March with the novel virus’s initial outbreak in Wuhan, and then globally as the pandemic spread.

Enabling users to instantly message, video and voice call anyone with a Teams account, email address or working phone number, Microsoft Teams is also the only virtual collaboration service that is integrated across a wider cloud-based social suite. It facilitates a wide range of abilities such as easy on-cloud document sharing and editing, in-built file security, and external collaboration.

Microsoft statement reports unprecedented Teams usage, with growth by 12 million in the second week of March to reach 44 million active daily users. That comprised 900 million meeting and calling minutes on Teams each day: a 500 percent increase in meetings, calling and conferences, and a 200 percent increase in Teams usage on mobile devices.

Microsoft New Zealand’s Territory Manager, Paul Bowkett, explains the broad strategic potential of Microsoft Office and Teams for business: “With both legacy Line of Business and even current productivity applications, most employees spend a lot of time logging in to different applications and switching between them and their context and flow, to do different things. Essentially with Teams you’ve got a central hub for teamwork, a place for persistent communication and collaboration to get things done all in one place.”

Alongside its Teams-centred response, Microsoft is taking various special steps in relief funding and treatment development, as detailed in a LinkedIn post by CEO, Satya Nadella, on March 22nd.

The free version of Teams can be downloaded here. If you’re part of a non-profit looking for assistance, you can find out more and begin the eligibility process here.

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As remote work reaches tipping point, Microsoft Teams' active daily users surges to 44 million

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