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When it comes to digital transformation, we're all familiar with the project-style engagement of a team selected from a specialised pool of talent. The team works for a specified time, building or enhancing software and achieving great things. Then, after all the celebrations of a job well done are over, what happens? They move on to the next job (or client). CodeHQ asks "what if there is another way?"

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Have you thought about ‘product-mode’?

Unlike projects, product-mode is comprised of a near-permanent, dedicated team that operate on a retained-basis, continually working on a business problem or offering. CodeHQ have been operating in product-mode for nearly thirty years and testify it’s the best approach for your business for three main reasons: adaptability, quality and knowledge retention.

Product-mode is adaptable

Businesses that opt for product-mode software development get a specialised, long-lived team on hand that are able to quickly act on any new feedback or requirements. This avoids any staffing or approval roadblocks, since your product-mode team acts a bit like an ‘in-house’ workforce, ensuring resources and team capacity can be swiftly diverted from existing workstreams to focus on new assignments.

CodeHQ has a variety of experienced and senior-level developers, each with their own specialisations. With these skillsets, they are able to reorient the team to fit each clients’ digital needs.

Product-mode offers quality

When CodeHQ operates in product-mode, they don’t just create a solution and then rush off to their next job. Instead, they build strong, ongoing relationships with their clients and respond to feedback on every project. They pride themselves on building partnerships, working closely together and looking for future ways to advance the client’s offering.

In product-mode, developers are much more involved in the client’s needs and are invested in the quality of their work. CodeHQ understands that building great software starts with the architecture – it’s the foundation on which a business and processes run, so it pays to get it right.

In product-mode, there’s also more time for team members to hone in on specific areas for longer than a standard project. The dedicated nature of product-mode helps build developers’ knowledge and advance their understanding of issues.

This is the ‘secret sauce’ for CodeHQ – they live by the motto of delivering “quality software, not excuses”.

By comparison, more traditionally structured software development projects often see businesses left high and dry when the project is finished. To be frank, although project teams often have good intent, funds allocated to the project are always much shorter than the lifespan of the task or problem being addressed.

The longevity and stability of long-standing dedicated teams who know how to work effectively as a unit is what enables a software development company like CodeHQ to deliver to such a high standard.

Product-mode retains knowledge

Elaborate handover notes, brainstorming sessions and endless amounts of back-and-forth emailing will never amount to the knowledge retention of a dedicated team.

A team that has collaborated with the same business for several years will have a comprehensive understanding of its systems, infrastructure and any potential problems that may arise. The benefits of a professional partnership are pretty clear – there’s no starting from scratch or trying to make sense of a whole new territory.

Tech capability often lives and evolves in a team. That’s why familiarity is essential – knowledge shapes the way teams operate and reduces the end-to-end cycle time it takes for operators to deliver on software developments.

Product-mode in action

Here’s a real-life example of CodeHQ’s ‘product-mode’ in action with Nikko Asset Management, a company they’ve been working with for nearly three years.

CodeHQ’s dedication to building long-standing connections pays off for both parties. As soon as Nikko reached out for further software development, the CodeHQ team simply picked up where they left off, seamlessly collaborating to advance the offerings they were already familiar with.

The decision-making process for mapping out the work typically included the department heads and executive committee at Nikko’s head office in Tokyo – but they were also implementing a global solution to manage the same problem. However, timescales for delivery were long and Nikko in New Zealand needed something more urgently.

CodeHQ were able to demonstrate how they could work within the same framework as the global system and develop it in a way that was consistent and therefore easy to transition components into the global system.

Nikko considered a few other companies, but CodeHQ’s experience in the sector combined with their immediate understanding of what Nikko needed to achieve made it an easy decision to partner with them.

Are you ready to stop making excuses and start making software?

More about CodeHQ

CodeHQ are on a mission to make quality software – without excuses. If you’re looking to implement transformational digital change in your business, or you’d just like to share your favourite tech tip, we’d love to hear about it.



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At CodeHQ, we’re not here to make excuses. We’re all about delivering results.

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