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DDoS attacks a big warning against complacency on cybersecurity – RedShield

The recent distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that hit the NZX and other New Zealand companies have receded, but the lessons on cybersecurity preparedness need to be learnt, says a leading cyber expert who was involved in the response to the attacks.

Peter Griffin

Peter Griffin

The case for a national IoT network

Everything from the farm gate to the factory production line is set to join the Internet of Things revolution. There’s only one problem - big gaps in connectivity are holding back our IoT aspirations. One engineer has floated a potential solution.

Peter Griffin

Introducing HPE Ezmeral

Introducing the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Ezmeral software portfolio - The HPE Ezmeral portfolio of enterprise software helps modernise applications, unlock insights from data, and automate operations—from edge to cloud

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