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Turning custom apps into affordable reality

The Shed Shop are a well-established business delivering custom garden sheds all over the North Island. With recent expansions highlighting risks and inefficiencies in their paper-based system, they reached out to Teal Software for a digital solution.

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Conscious Cloud: Microsoft’s Aotearoa datacentre pledge

Microsoft's datacentre region will be powered by 100% carbon free energy from Day One. Russell Craig, Microsoft New Zealand's National Technology Officer, shares what this investment in our technological and environmental future will look like.

Russell Craig, Microsoft New Zealand National Technology Officer

CodeHQ harnesses the power of ‘product-mode’

When it comes to digital transformation, we're all familiar with the project-style engagement of a team selected from a specialised pool of talent. The team works for a specified time, building or enhancing software and achieving great things. Then, after all the celebrations of a job well done are over, what happens? They move on to the next job (or client). CodeHQ asks "what if there is another way?"

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Improving website health to increase reach and results

Is your website performing as well as it should? Is it engaging users and generating leads? Do you feel something might be missing from your website? This is where a Web Health Check from Enlighten Designs could really help you understand how your website can be improved to deliver better results.

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Riding the Digital Wave with CodeHQ

CodeHQ gives us the low-down on overcoming the uniquely New Zealand challenges of creating great software, such as smaller talent pool, an incredibly tight market, complex employment regulations and legacy systems. Find out how their smart solutions are helping CodeHQ build software destined to change the world.

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The actual costs of Content Management Systems

Whether launching a new website or updating your current one, the Content Management System (CMS) you use will be the backbone of your digital presence. One consideration when choosing a CMS is the price tag – but all may not be what it seems.

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